The Shopping

I live in Chicago so my shopping possibilities are endless. For now, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are my haunts, but I hope the following will translate to other stores wherever you live. Visiting cousins (angels, yes) of mine in New Hampshire is when I really learned how to food shop. When the only grocery store 5 minutes (driving) from your house has about 3 aisles and a soft serve ice cream machine, you learn how to make your shopping trips to the store 20 minutes away count.

A great way to cut back trips to the store is know how to store fresh produce, a lesson I learned mighty late in the game. I'll share more on specific items as I post recipes, but for now, before you buy a single spinach leaf at Whole Foods or anywhere else, hear this: Debbie Meyer Green Bags rock. BUY THEM! This is not a drill. Do not scoff at the box because it says, "As Seen On TV." Call me Elaine in Airplane! during the Peace Corps scene when she tells natives, "These keep hot dog buns fresh for days!" But use them, and reuse by rinsing and hanging to dry with a chip clip on your shower rod.

Now for some shopping tips. I will be posting more in the future but here's a start: