The Google

My dad was at my house for dinner about three months ago and was trying to engage me in conversation whilst I cooked. Bad idea. Remember the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show? Well that'd be me.

Anyway I kept darting from the kitchen island to my desk, two or so feet away, to Google who knows what. After I'd gone back and forth several times, my dad finally asked, "What are you doing?" By now I'm back at the island chopping. "What do you mean what am I doing? I'm looking at my recipe! I'm Googling how to blanch a green bean and what I can substitute for champagne vinegar! Isn't that obvious?"

I'm pretty sure he lost me at "Google."

Well, they had me at Google. The moment I realized all the people out there ready and eager to help me, I pounced. Keep in mind by the time my laptop became as critical to my cooking as my nose, I already had read cookbooks galore (Rachel Ray, Barefoot Contessa, Joy of Cooking). Internet research is just icing on the cake for me.

Google has saved me from cooking failure dozens of times, so I suggest you too give this a go when you need additional help. You may think this will delay dinner, but in the end, better late than really late because you end up ordering a pizza post cooking debacle (see The Journey to feel my pain).

My only fear as I succumb to Google worship is, "What if Google breaks, or runs away from home?" My husband assures me neither are likely, then stops me from printing my blog on paper for safe deposit box storage.

I guess if Google ever disappears the worst thing to happen will be we all start talking to each other in person again.