Baked Rice

Rice has always been a mystery to me, probably because I grew up in the Uncle Ben's (magical) rice in a bag era. My mother was never happier to teach me how to fill a small pot with water, bring it to a boil, add the bag of white minute rice, cook 10 minutes, cut open bag (careful of the steam) and dump into a bowl. This process, as with various 80s cooking breakthroughs, was quick and easy, more expensive than buying rice in bulk (where would we have done that, anyway?) or even 45-60 minute rice in the box, yet lacked the ever important characteristic, taste.

I gave up boil-in-bag rice circa 2000. Regrets? No. Wasted rice? Absolutely, back in the cooking disaster days. But I pushed on and today am proud to share this recipe that I've made three times and counting. Enjoy.