Iced Coffee

Took me a while to start making my own iced coffee, mostly because I am usually within a few blocks of a coffee shop that makes pretty good stuff. Sometimes, though, I prefer to sit at home and sip a cold one by myself, so I hunted down this recipe on Chow. Mmm...good.


First, brew the coffee.

Using a pitcher or stainless steel bowl that fits about 5 cups liquid, combine:
  • 1 3/4 cups coarsely (10 seconds or so using a blade grinder) ground coffee (Starbucks Verona is what I've used thus far)
  • 3 1/2 cups cold, filtered water

Stir well. Cover with plastic wrap or foil and set aside at room temperature. Steep 12-24 hours.

Line a fine mesh strainer/sieve with a coffee filter or a plastic filter basket from a coffee maker. Set the strainer over a bowl (if it doesn't sit securely ask a friend to hold it in place). Pour coffee through slowly.

Store the coffee concentrate in a jar or pitcher, or mason jar. Cover and chill until cold. Keeps a long time...I used mine for 2 weeks.

For your standard iced coffee:
Chill a glass in fridge for a few minutes. Fill glass with ice and stir in 4 oz. coffee, and a splash of whatever else you like (milk, cream, agave, simple syrup). 

For a frothy, shake-like version:
Chill a glass in fridge. Fill a martini shaker halfway with ice, add 4 oz. coffee concentrate, one tablespoon or more half/half or milk, 1/4 teaspoon simple syrup/agave and using a clean kitchen towel to hold it closed, shake it about 10 times. Pour entire contents of shaker into the glass.