My friend, Dawn, shared this winner Margarita recipe with me and I had to share. The best part is that the kids, if you got 'em, can squeeze those limes and lemons while you eat chips and guacamole. Give it a try, and make it a family affair!


Overnight Oatmeal

While visiting Nashville a few years ago I came upon a coffee shop called Atmalogy. I ordered the oatmeal, to go with my cuppa joe, and the woman working the counter pointed to a bunch of filled mason jars in a cooler and said, "Choose whichever one you like." It was cold, meant to be eaten that way. I had never heard of such a thing. I loved it.

Apparently, cold soaked, overnight, slow-brewed oatmeal (or whatever you want to call it) has been around a while, at least according to the internet. So after much trial, and little error, I compiled this recipe. Give it a try.