Salmon, again

I cook a lot of salmon. Other little fishies have received limited attention (white fish, snapper, tilapia, swordfish) but nothing makes my boy Jonah happier than seeing me prep 4-5 salmon filets when dinnertime is near. So I indulge him, often.


Cole Slaw

My New Friend, Ken, smokes ribs. He owns a smoker so large it must be hitched to the back of an automobile to move it from one place to another. I really like New Friend Ken, don't you?

Last month, Ken asked me for a make-ahead side dish to serve with the ribs he was entering at Most Holy Redeemer's Ribfest Competition in Evergreen Park, IL. He made this slaw and liked it a lot.

My New Friend Ken didn't win ribfest, but he had a really good time. Maybe it was the slaw.


Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

If your meal-mates love chicken drummies and thighs like mine do check out this crazy good one tray meal.

This dish is extra-special thanks to the chicken skin dripping down onto the veggies, perhaps canceling out their nutritional value. I take vitamins just in case. But if greasy veggies don't make you happy skip the olive oil on the vegetables, and/or increase the amount of vegetables to soak up the grease.