Tomato Sauce

I'm posting a sauce. Yeah that's right. A tomato sauce for pasta. Don't be afraid.

For a while I had given up cooking homemade gravy, bolognese, marinara or whatever you call it. I must have tried ten different recipes, only to hear "just okay" from husband Todd. That is not a sufficient response to keep me mashing canned tomatoes, chopping onions and garlic to oblivion, and simmering until slightly thickened.

So we went back to professionally prepared Italian food, from Pompeii to Mia Francesca to Little Italy. We sang, "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore!" I'd picture my five foot two self as Cher in Moonstruck.

Then in May of 2011 Bon Appetit, "The Italy Issue," arrived. The cover photo was spaghetti smothered in the "simplest, silkiest sauce you'll ever make, p. 142." The cover proclaimed there's a secret involved. I was in.

I turned to page 142. I learned secrets, which I will break down into baby steps for you who also may need help to boil water. Or not. Either way, this one's a winner. At least that's what husband Todd tells me.