Steel Cut Oatmeal

Yes it's true. A lesson on steel cut oats. Those instructions on the package sound no fail. But are they? I've over/under-cooked enough oats to cry uncle forever.

That was until Sister-in-law Amy's slow cooker oatmeal recipe arrived via email. I nabbed a 1.5 quart crock pot, in turquoise, for eight bucks at Target. The games began.

I tried the recipe several times. Tasted great. Took some patience. Not a good combo for me. Lots of timing and pot scrubbing involved. My pragmatic inner voice said, "There must be another way!"

My solution is a mash up of the slow cooker recipe and the package instructions. No more wasted oats. No more head shaking at breakfast. Just me and a hot bowl of goodness.

The turquoise slow cooker goes to the next college student who walks through my door.