Eggies: Part One

Something has happened to me when it comes to eggs. I'm addicted. Not to any eggs, of course, but to farmers market eggs at $5 a dozen. Expensive? A little. Worth it? Yes. Like $4 chocolate bars I (only!) buy when "on sale." When 44 years old you turn your palate will require such indulgence also.

A bit of history. After Sons Jonah and Griffin reached the non-choking hazard years, I let go of my salmonella fear allowing the boys to eat my brother's version of scrambled eggs which is, in a word, runny, and referred to, back when his daughter Samantha and our sons still took baths together, as "eggies." (Readers not in favor of small, messy children, "ies" will be dropped from here on out). Anyway, for years as my brother and I disagreed on scramble techniques, the children would dis my eggs with, "Not as good as Unca-Larry's."

Meanwhile, as I transitioned from grocery to farmers market eggs, I discovered Cooks Illustrated's instructions for scrambling suggested that my brother worked in their test kitchen. I pondered this, then tried their "Fluffy Scrambled Eggs" recipe and voila...Unca-Larry's eggies (last time, promise)!

I say buy those pricey farmers market eggs and get your addiction started. You deserve it. No matter how old your are.