Jonah's Mostly Noodle Chicken Noodle Soup

As I sit here about to embark upon cooking and transporting three gallons of soup for tomorrow night's Soup and Bread event at the Hideout I cannot shake the fact that at lunchtime today I brought 2 cups of Whole Foods chicken broth to a simmer, added a pinch of salt, three turns of pepper and a handful of cooked-last-night Manischewitz fine egg noodles.

This was for older son, Jonah, who's been fighting a cold. He's rejected other chicken soup concoctions (enjoyed by Husband Todd and I) due to excessive vegetable presence so a simple combination was in order. Finally, success. The boy ate it up.

What made this soup different from all others? The broth was almost clear and a bit shimmery, like my grandma's made from chicken capon. No vegetables or outlandish spices were added, just salt and pepper and the Cadillac of soup noodles.

Tomorrow I will make a lovely (I hope) soup with 10 or so ingredients for diners likely to appreciate the chopping, sauteing, seasoning, tasting, and more seasoning involved in creating healthy goodness. Stay tuned for results. Fingers crossed my next post isn't titled, "Banned from Soup and Bread."

Meanwhile try Jonah's Mostly Noodle Chicken Noodle Soup. You can do it!