How to cook a brisket. Such an utterance sets off a chain reaction of controversy among Jewish women across the globe.

"Brown it before roasting; there's need to brown. Lay it in the pan fat side up; no, fat side down. Throw in a bottle of chili sauce and a packet of onion soup mix; douse it in a can of beer or Coke, or water. Potatoes and carrots are a must; no one cares about potatoes and carrots. Baste, don't baste. 325 oven, 350 oven, 375 oven. Twenty minutes per pound, 15 minutes per pound, cook it all day. Slice when it's hot; slice when it's cold. Cut against the grain at an angle...oh, just forget the angle. Hold on; I'm checking with my sister/mom/grandma."

What a mess, and why it's taken so long for me to post this recipe. I succumbed when my Irish-Italian, Catholic BFF from high school needed a brisket wingman. I helped her through this Williams-Sonoma recipe, my current favorite. She rocked it.