A Cornucopia of Recipes

We all have issues, right? Even people with perfect hair and makeup, neat houses, and well behaved children. Actually, especially those people...

My issue of the moment is how to keep the four slices of bacon I just cooked from being consumed between now and the time I want to crumble it on my salad. Good thing I'm well-skilled in the hide-the-food game, a matter of survival when you live with three men.

My grandmother too roomed with three males (18 plus years) and taught me to hide cooled cookies stat (in closet behind Drano) and chocolate chips (same place) as soon as purchased because, as legend has it, if you trapped my father in a room filled with chocolate chips floor to ceiling he would eat his way out in minutes. Go figure, I married a guy with similar habits (only for all sugared foods) so when my girlfriend sent me a birthday gift of truffles from a fancy foodie candy maker, I acted fast when package was received in a home alone moment. The boxes were unmarked (score!), a start. Then, as per candy people's directions, I placed each box in a Ziploc, which I sealed meticulously and buried under a bag of peas and two boxes of spare butter, a final safeguard of frozen chicken breasts in front. I was blessed to eat all 44 pieces over the course of 4 weeks BY MYSELF. Meanwhile, the bacon needs a hiding spot...

I ended up wrapping the strips in plastic wrap which I stashed in a white bag that went on a pantry closet shelf behind nothing. Living on the edge today, with my kids eating wings and watching football and endless inappropriate commercials in the basement, I may just pull this one off.

Now for the purpose of today's post. Friends are constantly asking for my recipes, which are nearly never mine and almost always a quick click away. Perfectionist that I am, posting all will take, well, forever, since I'm constantly discovering new ones and because it takes a while to "dumb down" recipes for the cooking phobic. However many are not afraid of a stove (shout out to Maryland!) so today I am listing a bunch of linky dinks, no directions, so the intermediate/advanced crowd can live it up.

Still afraid? Look away, or jump off the cliff. Either way. Bottom line, I cannot hide these recipes from the experts any longer. It just isn't fair.

So in no particular order, with no regard for ingredient list, easy to make-ness, or course type I present the following recipes with no instructions whatsoever. I hope to eventually add to this list and dumb them down but in the meantime I say go for it. Post questions in the comments section below if you want some guidance.

Good luck, we're all counting on you.

Gluten-Free Goddess (GFG)* Roasted Winter Vegetable Ragout
GFG Cider Roasted Vegetables
GFG Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas
GFG Pasta with Roasted Vegetables
GFG Baked Chicken
GFG Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies
Epicurious Marinated Grilled Swordfish
Yukon Gold Potatoes with Thyme and Garlic
Tyler Florence Bolognese Sauce (from lasagna recipe)
Tyler Florence Brisket
101 Cookbooks Honey Balsamic Bean Salad
Barefoot Contessa Parmesan Chicken
Barefoot Contessa Rack of Lamb
Emeril Caramelized Salmon with Bok Choy and Asian Citrus Sauce

**Extra! Extra!**
  • I love the Gluten-Free Goddess (GFG) with a passion. I first discovered her while Googling "What to do with two sweet potatoes on last legs" and found an enchilada recipe (see above) we fell over ourselves eating. After a year I've made zero "not great dishes" using her recipes.
  • On another GFG note, don't worry about using dairy/gluten/sugar-free options in the cooking recipes if you don't need to and/or don't have those ingredients on hand. If you wander over to her baking sections follow her tips and substitutions carefully.