Roasted Vegetables

Prior to 2000, I consumed roasted vegetables exclusively at Chicago's now defunct Bistro 110. Their potatoes, carrots, and onions blew away mom's microwaved vegetables like nobody's business. The Bistro's ultra-cool location, just off Chicago's Magnificent Mile, only added to the allure. After all, we're talking circa 1990.

Those vegetables sparked much discussion. How does one achieve such miraculous flavor? What is this "roasting" the waitress speaks of? Takes longer than nuking, that was for sure. Therefore impossible to replicate at home. We were still eating cereal for dinner, you see.

Fast forward to my improving period, maybe 2005-ish. Gayle offers to bring roasted vegetables to an impromptu dinner gathering at our house. There she was in the doorway, tray filled with slightly browned broccoli florets and friends. Impossible dream!

I quizzed her on the process. "You need a hot, hot oven, 425 or 450. Cut everything small, the same size. Olive oil, drizzled, salt and pepper. Take 'em out when they sizzle. Delicious!"

Now for actual directions.