Five-minute Soup

My chiropractor says he will never make one of my soups. The work, the mess, the time! Soup from a can is as far as he will go, even when a brilliant blogger offers directions, encouragement, love, and Jedi mind tricks.

So I accept you with your heels dug into the abyss. Namaste.

Okay I lied. Here's Plan B, a middle ground, if you will. Whether or not my chiropractor abandons the can remains to be seen.

  • one carton each: Imagine Chicken Broth, Imagine Vegetable Broth
  • kosher salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • palmful of nutmeg from cheap and environment-happy bulk section
  • your favorite soup vegetables, I recommend carrots, celery, baby spinach or mixed greens, bok choi
  • noodles or other starchy soup friends

Go home. Change into pajamas (Husband Todd's happy word) and slippers (2nd fave). Silence your phone.

Set aside a soup bowl that resembles the Bahama Mama ones used for noodle soups in Asian restaurants.

If using noodles, prepare them al dente and set aside.

Get the broth going. Pour equal parts of each into a pot. Bring to a boil then turn heat to medium low or lower so it simmers a bit. Add salt and pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Stir then cover. 

While soup simmers:

Chop one celery stalk and one carrot. Pieces should be thin and smaller than your spoon, but large enough to see without reading glasses.

Tear leaves from stems of bok choi and rip into pieces. Cut stems as mentioned above.

Mixed greens and baby spinach can stay as is.

Throw veggies (and noodles if using) into the bowl, 2/3 full. Add a dash of salt and turn of pepper, toss once or twice, and let sit 5 minutes.

Return to the broth. Take a taste. Add more salt/pepper if needed.

Pour broth into the bowl. Watch the greens wilt, the carrots and celery swim. In a minute or two (so you don't burn your tongue) taste. Add more salt/pepper/whatever.

Scratch "canned soup" from your grocery list. It's your destiny.


  1. Is a palm full of nutmeg the same as a handful? What is a palm full? Is that just covering the palm with a dusting so that you can no longer see the skin? This has nothing to do with a "pinch" correct? Or how many pinches is a palm full? ;)

    Why do I ask......? Because I would be the "You added too much nutmeg." person that would ruin all the chopping effort I put into the soup vegetables.

    2nd Question: Can I just purchase the vegetables already chopped up? This requires cutting board and a skillful wave of the butcher knife, correct? These hands are worth many $$ not to get bloody. :)

    And yes, I AM the chiropractor......


  2. A palmful fits in your palm, no fingers required. A handful, usually involving popcorn, Halloween candy and the like, requires all five fingers AND your palm to keep the contents from scattering.

    A pinch is a different story. Your index finger and thumb "kiss" in the mound of nutmeg and release their embrace over the soup pot. I would never venture to guess how many pinches are in a palmful. Too complicated.

    You will not add to much nutmeg. You will not. You will not. You will not. Please don't!

    Do not purchase veggies chopped up. If you don't have a cutting board and a sharp knife you don't deserve to be reading this blog. If I can sit in child's pose for 15 straight minutes, you can buy/peel/slice a carrot, stalk of celery and a box of baby spinach. You can! And you should have disability insurance!


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